8 Exclusive Benefits of False Ceiling

 False ceiling not only looks good we even have benefits of false ceiling; 


When it comes to home decor, most pieces out there can help provide an aesthetic touch to your room. Even so, they are either too expensive, take up too much space, are high-maintenance, and seldom come with real benefits. 


But what if there’s a home decor product that not only makes a room look attractive but also comes with many perks? Most people do not expect this, but false ceilings are the answer to that!


benefits of false ceiling
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What is false ceiling?

A false ceiling (also known as a drop ceiling or T-bar ceiling) is nothing but a suspended surface from the roof that gives an illusion of genuine roofing. This seemingly modern home decor is a medieval Japanese artifact of the Muromachi era (1337-1573). Initially designed for aesthetic purposes, false ceilings have provided numerous functional benefits right from the time of their breakthrough till today. Want to know more about them?

Here are eight benefits of false ceiling ,it is indeed truly rewarding and helpful for your living room:


  1. They help in concealing wires and gridwork
Benefits of false ceiling
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Be it for the television, the Wifi router, the AC, or even the ceiling fan, every urban household has multiple wire networks. However, it is no wonder how successfully a wire mesh can disfigure a fine-looking room. And no piece of home decor can cover that, except obviously a false ceiling!


False ceilings provide a good amount of concealed space to stash wire meshes. They also help in concealing gridworks used to supply power to the lights and room heaters. Apart from aesthetic purposes, false ceilings are also quite useful in safeguarding the residents from being exposed to these electricity suppliers.


  1. They provide sound-proofing benefits


Another important reason that led to the invention of false ceilings was to provide acoustic balance and control. Noisy rooms can create an uncomfortable atmosphere. The little extra space that drop ceilings conceal helps in absorbing the excessive noise in a room.


Many false ceilings consist of readily installed Sound Attenuation Batts. Sound Attenuation Batts or SABs are lightweight, fiberglass insulation batts that help absorb and attenuate sounds. False ceiling are highly convenient and low-maintenance.


  1. They safeguard your room from hazards caused by fire


In addition to wires and gridworks, false ceilings also protect against fire hazards. When made with heat-resistant materials such as gypsum, they can provide adequate resistance in such circumstances.


They are excellent for the safe installation of smoke alarms, heat detectors, and water sprinklers to warn against and protect one from fire hazards.


  1. They do not accommodate space

Benefits of false ceiling

Unlike most home decor, drop ceilings manage to make a room look exquisite without taking up space. A well-planned design that complements the shape of the room combined with a good choice of LED or Cove lights makes false ceiling add a charming look to rooms, particularly the small ones. There are variety of false ceiling design ideas available in the market.


  1. They help in balanced-lighting
Benefits of false ceiling
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The upper surface of a drop ceiling reflects the light falling from the LEDs. This reflecting activity spreads an even amount of light in the entire room. They also use daylight for natural illumination.

The balanced lighting reduces the strain on the eyes and creates a great ambiance.


  1. They are energy-efficient


This one sure sounds crazy! Drop ceilings are a great way to reduce the energy consumption of air conditioners. The air conditioner cools down the roofing, and the cool air gets trapped in the concealed space. This process helps in keeping the room cool for a long time, even after switching it off, thus saving electricity.


  1. They help in cooling the room temperature


In addition to its cooling benefits with an air conditioner, false ceilings also help in thermal insulation. The trapped air being a bad conductor of heat prevents heat from flowing into the room. This process helps in keeping the room temperature in check.  Heat-resistant materials like gypsum used in the making of these ceilings help further.


  1. They help in resistance from moisture and sultry
Benefits of false ceiling
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Moisture and dampness quite likely enter the homes, especially in tropical monsoon climates. While it is impossible to prevent it, one can still maintain optimal air quality and ventilation.


The double ceiling helps trap moisture and provides double resistance against it. This prevents sagging paint and dripping ceilings when rainwater penetrates through them.


When speaking of false ceiling, the material used makes a huge difference. Using glass and metal can be significantly high-maintenance. Hence, as mentioned above, gypsum can serve as one of the best materials as it will give all benefits of false ceiling in your living room. 

In the above article all the proven benefits of false ceiling are mentioned if you enjoyed reading give yourself some more and read our other articles. THANKS!


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