7 Light decor ideas that will brighten up your area

Light decor ideas that will brighten up your area

It is frequently stated “In the darkest hours of someone’s life, learn to light a candle. Help others see by being the light ” In light of this, we at Aurora Cosmos bring to you today Essential Light decor ideas to brighten up your environment.

Your mood can be made or broken by the lighting you choose, but if you want to get the vibe, the feeling that you are desperately waiting for, then you just need a pen and a diary to note down your favorite light decor ideas as you are already here at Aurora Cosmos.

We know that you love that cozy and inviting environment and as we have never done before, this time as well we will not let your head bow with the heaviness of disappointment.

Here we have the 7 light decor ideas:-


  • Milton 5-Pendant Spiral

Light decor ideas

The greatest way to lighten a gloomy room is to use embellishing lights. Do you find black to be too monotonous or overrated? If that’s the case, you’ve been living under a rock for quite some time.

Add a classy touch of contemporary design with this sophisticated Milton 5- Pendant Spiral Lights. It lights an addictive shade of metal mesh and a black finish, making your space closer to your heart


  • Photo clip light string

Light decor ideas


We all are well-introduced with the power aesthetic light strings can hold. Well, just a string hung on your walls or even wrapped around floating shelves or plants can embellish your space to the best. A raw photo clip light string is one such deadly combination made up of your stunning pics and tiny bright lights which can turn your bland space into a lively and self-admiring one. 

This is one of the most trending string light decor ideas right now.

So, if you have made up your mind to spruce up your space, then go check out fairy lights with clips on Amazon by just spending a pocket-friendly amount of rupees 175. 


  • Aesthetic colored light strings

Light decor ideas

In a darkened room, a simple, dull, wild light string in an unamusing frame is a terrific piece to accent your space. Instead, try wrapping the tiny objects that beautify your space with aesthetic colored light strings.

Well, this might sound kinda basic, but trust us it’s sober and impressive. Aiming for your bed or any tiny piece is the best light decor idea. But, we can’t in any way underestimate these thin colorful strings, can we? 

Try hanging these strings straight on your curtains or squaring them around your ceiling, WOAH! It would look like a heart-taking innocent piece. Bright, mood-lifting colors like purple, pink and white can help you find your aesthetic vibe while you are listening to a song while lying down and pleasing your soul with ‘Magic Shop’ or ‘Butterfly’. 


  • Light wood flooring

Light decor ideas

When a room requires more light, light wood flooring is the finest option. Light stains are also ideal for high-traffic areas since they hide flaws easier.

Hues like golden or yellowish suit the best on wood floorings. Yes, you are thinking right, the same light floorings, embassies, offices, and high authority institutions have. This will make your space look professional and bossy.


  • The fairy light spirit tree

Light decor ideas

As the name is giving us an angelic hint of how effortlessly this piece will spruce up your space. Placing it on your table, near your bed, or anywhere in your room will surely grab the attention of many towards this light decor. 

Well, you don’t have to dig soil and plant an actual tree, instead, you just have to order it from Yedwo’s official website. Its metallic branches and tiny lights make it look extremely Kawai.


  • Gemma pendant light

Light decor ideas

Well, if you want to hang a magnificent pendant-shaped lighting piece, which aims at both lighting and ethereal showpieces, then trust us this Zakay Studio and Gallery presented Gemma pendant light is just made for you.

This glass pendant lighting looks as bright as a beautiful constellation of stars, resulting in a wide smile on your face. A star-shaped gemma pendant light with rock colors can turn your space into your disco, with of course your rocking songs and moves complementing it. 


  • Vintage Antique Moroccan Lantern Iron Mix Light Pendant

Light decor ideas

Oh, well, the effect of this piece lasts just like its moniker, LONG-LASTING. This piece is a strong structure with breathtakingly beautiful designs and wisely designed space paving the way for the bright light inside it.

Giving this piece its own space in your room will make you feel calm every time you look at it. Well, ethnically mesmerizing is its quality making it an ideal light decor concept for your room or personal space. 

Hope you will rush to try these light decor ideas as soon as possible!

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