6 Reasons Why Reading is Healing : The Magic of Self healing Books


There’s a common notion that reading makes a being more intellectual and widens their spectrum of knowledge. Reading makes one learn new things and that too within just a few hours. There are endless benefits of reading, it is affordable, it consumes less time, and so on.


Reading is healing and is good for every age group as an essential exercise for the mind. Here’s a list of reasons why reading is a must, hope it makes you grab a book and start reading soon~


1) Reading Improves Vocabulary


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British Council


When a person reads, they come across different words, phrases and writing styles. When they repetitively see these words they try to find the meaning, sometimes reading the complete sentence to find the context also helps in understanding the meaning of the word. This way people, especially children, are better prepared for their future institutions


2) Improves Memory and Analytical Skills


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While reading a book one has to remember the setting of the book, the characters, the background, their history and more. This helps in sharpening the memory.


Along with this, if a person figures out how the story was going to end before finishing the book then they’re enhancing their analytical skills through reading


3) Broadens Horizons


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Reading books helps in learning about different cultures and places. Reading is healing our soul and books help as escape to an imaginary world that belongs solely to us as created by the author.


Books help in understanding the world through the author’s eyes and their perspective. It aids in learning about new people, discovering their traditions, cultures and all that makes them unique and unforgettable.


4)Improves writing skills


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Calligraphy Katrina


Reading influences writing, when we read new things, every word, every phrase acts as a muse for us to write about.

Even many successful writers have shared their experience that they started writing by taking inspiration by reading the works of others.

Gaining command over writing helps in expressing one’s feelings in a better way in the future.


5) Reading makes you more empathic and emotional

Can Virtual Simulations Teach a Human Skill Like Empathy? | EdSurge News

By reading a book, a reader essentially becomes a part of the story and thus feels the pain of other characters in the book. 

This in turn helps your mind to become more aware of how different things affect people in your surrounding.

People write books to deliver a message, an opinion or a view. They are inviting you into their psyche to listen to their notions in that way you build an emotional connection with the author.


6) Reading is the easiest way of entertainment

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Most of the readers generally agree on the fact that there is no satisfactory alternative to amuse the mind through pure joy by reading books. Reading books helps in overcoming mental and physical fatigue.

Reading is quite an affordable and leisure activity which one can easily do at any time and any place to get away from boredom.





Best self-help books by Aurora Cosmos~


1)Think and Grow Rich- By Napoleon Hill.


2)Steve Jobs- By Walter Isaacson.


3)The Alchemist- By Paulo Coelho


4)Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life- By Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia


5)The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari- By Robin Sharma


Further reading isn’t just a hobby, it helps in expanding the mind, helps in creative thinking, boosts concentration and fights depression. There are endless benefits of reading, Aurora Cosmos emphasis the importance of reading in your daily routine. Even reading a book for 15 mins daily helps a lot. So what are you waiting for? Grab a nice book, sit on the most comfortable chair and have a cup of coffee. There you have it, ‘one of the best experiences of your life.’



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