6 Best hotel in Andaman Islands

Are you planning a trip to Andaman Islands this year-end?

best hotel in andaman islands
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Here are some of the best hotel in Andaman Islands for you to consider.

It’s the year, with the bells jingling and Santa coming all its way, we all are ready to welcome this new year, which we hope should be blissful for everyone. With our plans ready, we are full on to rock this new beginning.

Welcoming this new hope, with nature that gives you all the motivation, shouting that this coming year, that is on our doors now, is going to be perfect.

And when we are talking about nature and its cheap therapy, then who on earth can ever forget about Andaman.

Careful! These places might be full of people like you, who desperately want to begin this year with lush green forest, the ethereal beauty of nature, brackish water that would just leave you mesmerized.

Check on! Get yourself a pen and a diary, and make sure you write down all the information that we, Aurora cosmos, presents to you because we truly want, unlike these COVID years, this new beginning brings you health, wealth, and happiness.


  • Sinclairs hotels and resorts

best hotel in Andaman Islands

The hotel in Andaman Islands is a tranquil escape for individuals who wish to unwind and discover the Andamans, with stunning views of the Bay of Bengal from almost every accommodation.

Refreshingly environmentally friendly and functionally decorated, the hotel’s 46 rooms aren’t just sea facing; they’re practically on the water, with views of the crystal blue Indian Ocean.

With pets not allowed, this hotel just wants you to freshen up and unwind with all the luxuries it provides.


  • Barefoot resort

best hotel in Andaman Islands

Barefoot at Havelock Jungle Resort is nestled in a lush green grove of indigenous Mahua trees, just steps away from Radhanagar Beach, which is world-renowned.

The resort’s 19 superbly constructed thatch and wood cottages are divided into two categories: Nicobari Cottages and Andaman Villas,  having great decor, basic furniture, and en-suite bathrooms.

Offering you the advantage of their Ayurvedic Massage Centre and mouth-watering Indian, Chinese, and Continental food while you’re here. The resort also offers car parking and laundry services.


  • Taj Exotica

best hotel in Andaman Islands

Exotica is one of the jewels in the Taj Hotel network. To leave your jaw dropped, the majority of its amenities were constructed without the use of any trees. Its plantations and water bottling shed, which may be viewed, have made use of solar energy and rainwater gathering.

To name a few picking mangoes and mulberries from the plantations, scuba diving, night kayaking, are just a few of the activities available.

Giving you the facility to hit the gym and even have that relief after having a massage in the spa, this is the place that brings heaven to you.


  • Seashell resort

best hotel in Andaman Islands

The Sea Shell Resort in Havelock is Neil Island’s first and only “luxury resort.”

It’s part of the Seashell hotel and resort group, and it caters to customers who don’t mind paying for luxury.

There are two types of accommodations at this resort: air-conditioned tents and air-conditioned concrete cottages, both with associated bathrooms.

Giving you all the vibes and facilities that you want, this place just welcomes you to experience everything in a luxurious way

The fact that you should know is that it is popular among Indian honeymooners.


  • Bay Island Fortune Resort

best hotel in Andaman Islands

Few sites in the Andaman Islands can offer you the pleasure of both a beach and a jungle. Fortune Resort Bay, situated on the outskirts of pristine rainforests, blends the finest of both worlds to provide you with a fun and adventurous vacation.

The resort is made of Padouk wood, a species of wood endemic to the Andaman Islands.

Splash around in the resort’s pool, which has a view of the sea.


  • Sands of Silver

best hotel in Andaman Islands

Silver Sands, regarded as one of the top hotel in Andaman islands, is surrounded by the tranquillity of the beach and the opulence of a king.

Silver Sad Resort is the place to go if you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to have your own private beach.

You can try your luck at angling, and the hotel staff will direct you to the ideal area.

After a long day at the beach, treat yourself to some excellent Spa therapy.


In a nutshell

With the advent of 2022, we at Aurora Cosmos, for your consideration, presented you with some of the best hotel in the Andaman Islands. These places may be crowded with people who are desperate to start the year with a lush green forest, the ethereal beauty of nature, and brackish water that will hypnotize you.

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