5 Vegan Food For Parties To Savor On Joyous Occasions

5 Vegan Food For Parties To Savor On Joyous Occasions


It is a misconception that once you’ve become vegan your life is bound to be flavourless and you cannot enjoy the delicious food served at parties or you cannot host a party with vegan food.


In reality, vegan food has a lot of varieties you can choose from, they are not only healthy but delicious as well. 

Vegan food is rich in plant-based proteins and unlike animal-based proteins, they have no harmful effects on your body. 

Vegan food benefits your skin, it prevents type 2 diabetes and enhances your mood. So what’s your reason to not include vegan food in your parties?


Let’s have a look at the 5 easy yet appetizing vegan food for parties you can add to your  menu.


1) Grilled Vegan Corn


Every party begins with starters and perhaps there’s no better option than grilled food.

vegan food for parties
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Grilled corn alone is loved by all but what if you top it with lime juice, sriracha aioli and some fresh herbs? 

The aioli is a simple mix of soaked cashews, garlic, lime juice, spices and sriracha(a spicy condiment native to Thailand.) This blend is quite creamy, smoky, zesty, spicy and slightly sweet and it goes well with the smoked corn.

Grilled corn with aioli is the perfect answer for all your BBQ season favourites and it is gluten-free, vegan and inspired by both Mexican and Thai cuisine. 


2)Vegan-Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie


There’s a saying, “We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie” and this is quite true. 

vegan food for parties
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A pumpkin pie is an easy and healthy dessert alternative to add to your menu. The best part is you need minimal ingredients to make this perfect gluten-free pie and we are sure that your guests will shower you with compliments once they taste it.

The crispy tart goes well with the super firm and flavourful pumpkin filling which is incredibly moist, perfectly sweet, subtly spiced and ultimately perfect.

And the icing on the top is the coconut cream, make sure you don’t forget to add it.


3) Frozen Coconut Mojito


A classic mojito is a blend of rum, lime, mint and simple syrup. This mocktail is simple yet refreshing and quite light. 

vegan food for parties
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Mojito is an ideal summer drink and if you’re hosting a friendly get-together it’s the perfect drink for you. 


To make a coconut mojito all you need is some Sugar or Baking stevia, Water, Mint, Light Coconut Milk, white rum, Limes and Toasted Coconut Flakes for garnishing. 

You have to make a sugar syrup first and then simply blend the other ingredients all together and there you have your cool and refreshing coconut mojito.


4)Vegan Pizza


Because life is short and so we cannot miss on pizza. Being vegan doesn’t mean you cannot eat pizza.

vegan food for parties
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You can finally savour a mouth-watering pizza without worrying about any non-vegan ingredients in it and easily serve it to your guests.


To make a vegan pizza, you can simply replace the normal crust with gluten-free crust and the traditional parmesan cheese with vegan cheese. For better taste instead of raw veggies, you can use sauteed veggies of your choice. 

Rest all the ingredients and the steps are the same as when you make a normal pizza at home.


5)Vegan Bruschetta


Bruschetta is another easy and flavourful homemade appetizer. It is made up of crunchy baguette, garlic, fresh basil, ripe tomatoes and salty olives.

vegan food for parties
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This is a perfect treat to serve when loved ones come to visit or you’re hosting a close-knit gathering. Bruschetta is a classic Italian recipe that is naturally vegan.

Since the recipe is made up of basic ingredients, bruschetta is easy, healthy, crunchy, tasty, and very comforting food. You can make them as a side or add them to the main course.



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