5 Mountain trails you must explore that will blow your mind

5 Best Mountain Trails to explore in a Van


The mountain trails always have awe-inspiring views and surely they will make you fall in love with them. The journey is so enjoyable because the terrain and its views are always dynamic. 


So where can you find these mountain trails that will leave you breathless as you travel to the summit of different mountains?


Don’t worry we have got you covered. Here’s a list of the 5 best mountain trails to explore in a van.


These trails look majestic in pictures themselves but they’ll look even better once you are there. You are surely bound to visit these trails again.

These mountain trails will make you say “Wow!” over and over again!


1)Icefield Parkway , Canada

mountain trails
image source:unsplash

Glaciers, lakes and mountains, how amazing it would be to see all three big draws in one jaw-dropping scenic drive. Well, such a scenic drive exists in reality. This mountain trail is a life-changing alpine journey right into the soul of beloved Mother Nature. 

This 232km stretch of Icefields Parkway in Alberta, Canada connects Lake Louise near Banff to Jasper. It has been rated as one of the top drives in the world. It takes about 3 hours to finish this trail, but you don’t want to finish it so soon.

Along this trail journey, you can explore Athabasca Glacier, Athabasca Falls, Sunwapta Falls and Lake Louise. Apart from them, there are many more hidden surprises and welcoming destinations for you.


2)Trollstigen, Norway

mountain trails
image source: unsplash

Trollstigen is Norway’s most visited mountain trail. It is an engineering marvel and a masterpiece amidst nature’s majestic landscape that is bound to make your drive a true joy ride.

There are 11 incredible hairpin turns in this route that offers visitors several highlights of stunning scenery along the mountain road.

Each turn has its own name, named after the construction work supervisor of that particular section. 

Earlier, it was an important transport passage between the local villages but since its opening in 1939, it has become a tourist attraction.

The mighty mountains that surround Trollstigen reach an altitude of over 1600 meters. 

There is a restored hiking trail to climb for those who wish to experience this mountain route by foot. 


3)Stelvio Pass , Italy

mountain trails
image source: unsplash

The Stelvio Pass located in Italy is also the second-highest paved mountain pass in the Alps. Due to its 48 hairpin loops, the drive is also quite dramatic and challenging.

This trail was built in the early 19th century by the Austrian Empire, to connect Lombardy (then an Austrian Province, now in Italy) to the rest of the country. 

The mountains surrounding the pass are as high as 6,140 feet and are covered with snow.

It has been regarded as an excellent driving road for drivers who are looking for a challenging road.


4)Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain NP, USA

mountain trails
image source: unsplash

This Ridge Road has also been regarded as Highway To The Sky and it reaches an elevation of 12,183 feet. In just a few minutes you ascend above the tree line and gaze over the spectacular 360° view in front of you.

This road slices right through the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park, from here you can see the scenic beauty of alpine. 

Mountain peaks surround you in every direction, while the fragrant wildflowers cover the tundra, like a colourful blanket in the mid-summer.

Tourists with keen eyes can spy elk, bighorn sheep, and other wildlifes roaming in the meadows and crags. Higher than most of the routes in the country, this cliff-hugging trail is as breath-taking for its engineering as for its stunning vistas. 


5)Grimsel Pass , Switzerland

mountain trails
image source: unsplash

Grimsel Pass is a high mountain pass at an altitude of 2.164m above sea level. 

The trail is generally closed from October-May, due to the heavy snowfall on the pass. This trail is also one of the highest paved routes of the Alps.

This route encompasses miles of extraordinary views through twisty hairpin bends, high peaks and steep levels. 

It’s a road artistically drawn on the landscape, essentially traffic-free. The road directs along numerous gleaming reservoir lakes with surplus marvellous views to enjoy.

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