5 Fast Fashion brands in India and their influence



Imagine seeing a model walk down the runway wearing that one dress which makes you go ‘wow’, and then seeing that same dress hanging in one of the stores nearby or maybe you can sit and ponder if you could get that turtleneck, Audrey Hepburn wore in her movie. It might seem impossible to even imagine that, right? But ‘Fast Fashion’ makes it possible in the world today.

Well, at present there is no need to explain the influence of fashion in our lives; the fact that every single person is so adamant to get that woven silk fabric and is ready to visit several stores just to get that trendy cloth, says it all.


As the world gets more advanced day by day, don’t you think our wardrobe deserves to be upgraded too? Well, if it’s yes from your side, I am sure a celebrity wardrobe would be one of your dreams but ‘HIGH RATES’ will pull you back. In such a situation where your pocket keeps reminding you of its status, you need fast fashion. 

Fast fashion is what will keep you in the front. High cost and trendy clothes. High rates and good trendy fashion are no more in direct proportion when you have fast fashion waiting for you.

A country with youth comprising the majority of the population; INDIA suffers no shortage of fashion labels. Fast fashion brands, today, stand to be the most wanted and influential option among Indian youngsters.

Here, we list ‘more influential than yesterday and less impactful than tomorrow’ fast fashion brands in India:



A brand that needs no introduction. H&M, a Swedish clothing brand, no longer stays within the boundaries of Sweden. It wraps almost every country in its high-quality, versatile, trendy fabric.

fast fashion brands
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Just like other countries, H&M continues to do strong sales in India with almost 1500 Cr sales in 5 years. The figures scream and tell everybody how impressed India is with the clothing provided by H&M. Well, where figures have already sunk in, nothing else can explain it better.



Fast fashion without Zara sounds like teenagers without shopping. In short, IMPOSSIBLE. Zara stands to be an undisputed fast fashion king for all the queens, their men, and their children. 

fast fashion brands
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Due to its affordable, copycat versions of the latest fashions and trends, Spanish fast-fashion brand Zara has now surpassed other top apparel brands in India in terms of average sales per store. Well, nobody holds ‘the power of resistance’ when it comes to the Zara fashion category.



Looking for an aesthetic design that has both Indian and western touch? Then, URBAN SUBURBAN fits best for you. Urban Suburban, is an Indian fashion label that helps you upgrade your wardrobe with fabric you can wrap your body with over and over again.

fast fashion brands

From that mood when you want to feel super confident and professional to the time when you want to keep it simple; Urban Suburban helps you to get dressed accordingly, keeping your pockets in mind.



fast fashion brands

Uniqlo has an easy-to-wear preppy look, which is desired by many. UNIQLO collaborated with Indian designers aimed to release the ‘kurta collection’. Uniqlo India Pvt. Ltd. reported an 86% jump in revenues at ₹239 crores for the financial year ended 31 March 2021; which tells us about its strong sales in India.

The customers stay happy with the UNIQLO fashion categories. If you are truly out for cheap, trendy, and high-quality clothes to prevent wardrobe malfunction, then UNIQLO stands here waiting for you.



Berksha’s aesthetic designs are unique, creative, and trendy which makes youngsters go mad for it. Every statement piece is uniquely tailored to meet the taste of an adventurous next generation interested in music, social networking and pioneering technologies.

fast fashion brands

Indian youth is no less when it’s about being astonished by Bershka’s fashion trends. Bershka products are shipped in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and more cities in India. From Bershka’s white tregging to tiered brown dress, Indian youth is whipped for Bershka.

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