5 Exciting beach trails in a van that will leave you mesmerized

Life along the Coastal route: Beach Trails in a Van


Nothing indeed beats a drive by the seaside. The coastal roads offer some of the most astonishing scenery and, of course, epic dusks. How amazing it feels when you’re in a great van, the wind is kissing your face, smooth roads are ahead and a bewitching view lies right in front of you. 

There is this magnificent sea on one or either side that makes a great visual as we navigate further and so does the gentle breeze that comes along with it. 

If you are excited to learn more about the world’s most remarkable coastal drives, here’s some assistance.


Add these beach trails on your voyage bucket list, and hit the roads when the world reopens and it is safe to travel again.

Till then, stay in your house and jot down your dream itinerary.


1)Great Ocean Road, Australia

beach trails
image source: unsplash

Famous for its intense natural beauty, surfing culture and shipwreck stories, the Great Ocean Road and its dynamic and dramatic terrains render this 242 kilometre stretch as Australia’s most famous coastal journey.

One can navigate along the southeastern coast of Australia for imperial views. This coastal route links Torquay and Allansford

It is quite famous among lovers of road trips. You can also go surfing at the well-known Bells Beach as well as have a glance at the Twelve Apostles limestone formation as well.


2)Amalfi Drive, Italy

beach trails
image source: unsplash

The Amalfi Drive is the formal name of a portion of the road which runs along the length of the Amalfi Coast and between the Italian towns of Sorrento and Amalfi. 

The drive might be a bit dangerous in some places because of the narrow cliffs, but overall the journey is completely mesmerising and breathtaking.

This Drive is the perfect Italian odyssey for every individual who likes a good road trip. 

This coastal route with epic views links Sorrento and Salerno and guarantees steep slopes, hairpin twists, and stunning sunsets.


3)America’s Overseas Highway

beach trails
image source: unsplash

It is contemplated as one of the most spectacular drives in America. A quicker drive than the others summarized here, it adjoins mainland Florida to the Florida Keys. 

It is also popular as “The Highway That Goes To Sea.” It’s an accomplishment of engineering and design mastery as well. 

The drive is exclusively worth it. Don’t miss your camera! Keep aside some time for the amazing sunsets and several Viking Yachts that can be glimpsed operating on the horizon. One must certainly go here for a grand sunset view that paints the sky in different hues.


4)Hana, Hawaii

beach trails
image source: unsplash

Honestly, there’s no other place like Hawaii on this planet and to understand this you’ve to surely visit Hawaii. Hawaii is bound to amaze you with its sheer landscapes.

The coastal route to Hana is full of surprises. It is a stretch of approximately 50 miles, and is excellent for skilled drivers for it delivers quite some challenges different from the sheer cliffs throughout!

This route has 59 bridges and 620 curves. It leads you through dramatic seascapes, flowing waterfalls, plunging pools and flourishing rainforests. And even if this journey is not enough for you, wait till you reach the beautiful and quiet town of Hana.


5)Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

beach trails
image source: unsplash

The Atlantic road combines culture, scenery and history altogether. Awarded the title of “Norwegian Construction of the Century,” this road stays right at the top of every travel enthusiast, even more, if they love road trips.

The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway ups the game by offering tourists the most stunning coastal drive in the world.

Within just five miles, it offers enormous views as well as many delights with its roller-coaster bends.

Throughout the road, there are many outlook points where you can park your car or walk on foot to experience the mesmerising scenery around you. 

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