5 Most promising ethical and sustainable men’s clothing brands

Five ethical and sustainable men’s clothing brands that you must know!


Sustainable clothing brands does not mean compromising on style! Rather, it is about finding smart alternatives and pairing them right.

 What really is ethical and sustainable men’s clothing?

When we talk about sustainability, we focus on its three main aspects- less synthetic materials, less carbon footprint, ethical labor management, and buying local! However, supporting global brands that produce in an eco-friendly manner and indulge in noble causes isn’t a bad idea at all!


Today, we, fortunately, have various fashion brands around the world that are making a difference by combining sustainability with fashion. This article focuses on sustainable clothing brands for men.

ethical and sustainable men's clothing

Here’s a list of the top five recommended ethical and sustainable men’s clothing brands that gentlemen can opt for:

  1. Tentree:


Straightforward, Tentree is a men’s clothing brand that makes it a point to plant ten trees on every purchase. The company’s endeavor is on the ideology that fashion cannot be zero waste. However, it is very much possible to put some effort and make up for the damage caused.


The brand proudly triumphs over having planted over 50+ million plants to date. It has partnered with multiple charitable organizations to maintain this.

ethical and sustainable men's clothing
image source: tentree

It produces hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, joggers, activewear, and other wardrobe essentials and prioritizes comfort. The brand uses eco-friendly materials such as Tencel (wood pulp fiber), recycled polyester, organic cotton, and hemp to manufacture garments. It attempts to reduce single-use plastic used for packaging purposes and opts for FSC-certified recycled paper.


  1. Ekome Studio:


Ekome Studio is a brand that values artisanship as much as sustainability. It is consciously aware that workers do not get their fair share, considering the value paid for a piece of clothing. To establish itself as a fair-trade venture, the company does not bargain with the workers along with ensuring their minimum wage.

ethical and sustainable men's clothing
image source: ekome studio

It only works with small to medium-scale producers and family businesses like weavers, printers, and dyes. While prioritizing sustainability, the brand does not compromise on style and works on improving its designs.


The brand uses GOTS-certified organic cotton as a replacement to conventional cotton that causes high carbon footprint along with natural dyes. Ekome studio produces shirts, trousers, and men’s wardrobe-essentials.


  1. Levi’s:


Very few sustainable clothing  brands receive the credit and recognition that they deserve. Levi’s is one of them. The globally renowned denim brand emphasizes the durability of clothes.

ethical and sustainable men's clothing
image source: myntra

The brand strives to use raw materials sourced in better ways and craft them at the highest quality. For a fact, the production of a single pair of jeans consumes 7000 liters of water. Somehow, Levi’s has managed to revolutionize the production of jeans with its “WellThread WaterLess” technology. With the use of cottonized hemp over conventional cotton, the venture has brought down the water usage by billions of liters! Moreover, they have also recycled and reused six billion liters of water.


By 2025, the company pledges to 100 percent sustainably sourced cotton and renewable energy, and by 2030 to reduce 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions and 50 percent of water consumption in scarce areas (Vogue, April 2021).


  1. United by Blue:


United by Blue, a renowned fashion brand driven by the philosophy “change comes in waves”. It emphasizes the pollution of oceans and coastlines due to the manufacture and shipping purposes of fashion products. The brand makes a conscious effort in cleaning the litter from these areas, or as they call “doing the dirty work”. It has successfully scooped out 3.5 million pounds of trash from the water, according to its 2020 report.

ethical and sustainable men's clothing
image source: pinterest

The brand is highly credible for its extensive use of eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, hemp, corozo, modal, Tencel, recycled polyester. Its BisonShield technology uses bison fibers (without harming them) that is generally regarded as waste to make fabric.

Indisputably, United by Blue is a massive revolution in the fashion industry.

  1. Taavi:


If you’re someone who shops a lot on Myntra, you must have certainly come across this brand! Taavi is a unisex, ethnic fashion brand, connected with over 1300 local artisans from 7 states. When speaking about supporting local fashion, Taavi has made a mark.

ethical and sustainable men's clothing
image source: myntra

The brand adapts traditional crafts and unique textiles into modern silhouettes, prioritizing comfort with style. It extensively uses Khadi for manufacture. Khadi refers to hand-spun natural fabric, such as silk, cotton, wool, or jute, and is a sustainable craft. Since it is hand-spun, the manufacturing process consumes zero energy and consequently has a low-carbon footprint.


The production of Khadi puts labor to good use and benefits the economy of a populated country such as India. The company works with multiple charitable organizations for the upliftment of women (Economic Times).


Taavi offers a wide range of products for men like kurtas, trousers, ethnic shirts, and jackets. It is fairly inexpensive compared to most sustainable clothing brands.



Ideally, one must look good, feel good, endure the product for a long time and be kind towards the environment. Having said so, sustainable fashion is not about a few perfectly zero-waste consumers. It is rather about millions of imperfectly environment-conscious ones that make a greater impact!



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