Guide to 4 best Indo western for men

A style guide to best  Indo western for  men and why you should choose it!


When it comes to fashion, Indian men are known for safe dressing. A part of this arises from the societal notions around how men should dress in neutral tones and basic silhouettes to look masculine. This notion is due to the British colonial influence that regarded bright colors and embellishments as “impractical” for men.


Contrariwise, traditional Indian fashion has been all about vivid colors, intricate motifs, and sparkly embellishments for centuries. Thankfully, Indian men today are slowly realizing this and taking pride in the “desi” in them.


What is Indo western style?


Indian clothing style for men involves multiple drapes, layers, tugs, and ornamentation, which are difficult to adjust to today. This is the reason why a great combination of ethnic prints, motifs, and silhouettes along with modern functional elements have become highly popular under the name “Indo-western”. This came into existence roughly around the 1960s and 1970s.

best indo western for men
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Indo western for men  has a wide scope for experiments. Since it is an amalgamation of Eastern and Western fashion, multiple looks can be created with a mix-n-match of tops, bottoms, suits, shoes, and accessories. Indo-western is a convenient choice from weddings and ceremonies to more casual festivals and pujas, to even formal or work-related events.




Having said that, knowing how to put together an event-appropriate outfit is an art that every desi gentleman must master!


     Best Indo western for men  for different occasions:-
  1.  Indo western for men  wedding and big ceremonies:


While the big day may be the time people prefer to go all traditional, there are multiple ceremonies around it where Indo-western is a great option. Many Bollywood actors prefer Indo-western outfits for shoots and award shows. However, these styles are funkier than the relatively sober wedding styles.

best indo western for men
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A cotton or silk kurta and churidar in shades of white, cream, or beige can be used as a base. Layer it with a brightly colored blazer. You can also choose a neutrally colored sherwani instead.


Embellishments like gold-toned buttons, cufflinks, and a pocket square adorn the look. For footwear, ditch the uncomfortable one-toed chappals and go for dark brown leather loafers or brogues.


  1. For festivals and cultural occasions:


Ethnic prints like kalamkari, bandhani, ajrakh, ikat, and bagru are great options to add zing and pep to your festive wear. Especially on hand-spun fabrics such as khadi.

best indo western for men
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Grab an ethnic printed shirt or kurta and pair it with churidar, elasticated dhoti, or cotton trousers. Opt for a kameez if you prefer something loose on top. If you want to up your game, layer it with a vest coat.


Minimalistic jewelry such as rings and earrings can make the look more lavish. Casual tassel loafers and even sneakers (if you’re bold enough) are an attractive and comfortable choice of footwear.


  1. For casual days:


Casual wear is hassle-free when it comes to ethnic fashion. After all, it’s casual!

best indo western for men
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Pair a loose printed cotton shirt or kurta with well-fitted jeans and sneakers. With this, you’re good to go!


  1. Indo western for men for formal events:
best indo western for men
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Indian fashion typically includes loose, drapey, and flowy styles. Nevertheless, formal events demand a well-fitted outfit with a sturdy silhouette.


To achieve this look, layer a well-fitted kurta with an Indian vest-coat or a Nehru jacket. Blue, gold, and beige are good color choices paired with neutrally colored trousers. Make sure that the outfit does not have more than three colors and has simple motifs. For footwear, go for black/brown formal shoes with a matte finish.

best indo western for men

Indo-western fashion is a good blend of comfort with style. As the cultural lines are gradually blurring, it is viewed more as a modern style rather than traditional. Nevertheless, Indo western for men not only allows one to pick the best from Indian and western elements but also to flaunt one’s ethnicity!






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