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Khaki Trend – A Beige Colored Evolution Throughout Generations


What material is khaki?

Dusty Soil. Yes, you read that right. The literal meaning of the word Khaki was inspired by the Indian term Dusty Soil. Though completely unrelated in the current manifestation of the light beige garment with a drowsy green tint, its rich historical significance can put almost any other cloth to shame. Designed specifically for the harsh heat and tussle of the Indian subcontinent, the Khaki was the staple uniform that is most commonly associated with the military, first in India and then spread throughout the British empire.

Manufactured through the combination of wool and cotton mixed with several synthetic fibers and made on a variety of weaves, their strong layers and camouflaged outlooks allowed them to help the wearer blend easily with the geographic diversity of India. Being strongly resistant to the harsh humidity of desert lands as well a being extremely reliable in cool urban centers, the literal versatility that Khaki assured as a garment enabled them to become the poster child for military representation.

Historical Context and Impact in The Fashion Industry

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The British officer Harry Lumsden and his platoon member’s including William Hodson were some of the first-ever who publically endorsed Khaki as a means to resonate with the local climate and surroundings of British India in 1846-47, which eventually resulted in several other groups within the military and abroad to give in to the trend. Levi Strauss & Co. were some of the first giants who noticed its surge in popularity, eventually introducing Khaki shirts and trousers to Europe in 1905.

Its growing potential made it a worth opponent for several of the popular fashion trends that were dominating the globe. With Khaki’s being the staple uniform that was most suitable for white-collar advertisements, eventually spreading across Europe and later on throughout the world, making the impact of Khaki synonymous with a disciple in office and military-based perception.



The Khaki Trend in Mainstream Media

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Cultural and literary representations coupled with mainstream mediums in the 20th and 21st century have further popularized this claim, with Khaki soon becoming the standard attire for adventurers, explorers and men in general who seek things larger than life. The portrayal of Indiana Jones, Alan Grant in Jurassic Park etc. in global mainstream narratives as well as the depiction of influential figures such as Theodore Roosevelt is primary examples of how Khaki has been represented in a golden platter for generations without fail. Though significant in its intention, such a form of representation would only go on to cause a flurry of stereotypes associated with the garment in later years, specifically for succeeding generations.

The 21st century was significant in this aspect, As the influx of global trends and voguish representations of fashion were unique and revolutionary as compared to its predecessors. Gone were the days where Khaki was solely associated as the literal embodiment of military-based stereotypical representation. The light beige garment with a drowsy green tint has now been making significant strides into the commercial fashion brigade of Gen – Z with renewed success. With the winds of time slowly eradicating the stereotypes associated with it, the overall virtues and benefits of Khaki were becoming more visible than ever.

Advantage and Influence of This Style

Affordability being one of the major benefits that played in their favour, khaki trend is quickly replacing several apparels to becoming one of the must-have garment choices one can include in their wardrobe. Functional, long-lasting and aesthetically appealing, they present a complete package as a healthy garment. Apart from the fact that they could fit into the description of almost any and every climatic condition, Khakis have also been synonymous for their sheer versatility and general ability to blend in at almost every possible location.

The ability to stand out has certainly been a common reflection in their newer variations, with its clothing material being attributed as an easily alterable and updateable garment. Khaki trend has enabled newer designs and statements to flourish without any hindrance according to the changing trends that come with the changing times. Be it at an executive meeting, a casual walk across the park, holidaying on the beach or shaking a leg at a party, the Khaki apparel fits the bill almost everywhere, something uncommon in the fashion of today.


Khaki Shirts and their presence

From trendy cotton exclusives to asymmetrical tunic with a high neckline to embroidered button ups with a deep lace or a casual full sleeve mixed with a symmetrical alignment, the array of Khaki shirts is increasing day by day in the market. Khaki shirts ability to provide a clean-cut look mixed with their no compromise in comfort approach has enabled it to be a popular choice with the youth of today. Khaki designed fabrics have slowly enabled their presence with several other popular fabrics like cotton, silk and wool etc., slowly blending their designs in an attempt to appeal with both preferences.

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While uniform shirts have been the traditionally popular alternative, voguish innovations in recent times have made Khaki’s visible in a new light. Companies like H&M and Nykaa have recently introduced slim beige garment choices in the Khaki variant, a new take post COVID. Similarly, the rise of Khaki’s in several fusions with other designs has been a popular alternative that is now replacing the norms. The future expects brighter possibilities, with beige thick kurtas and khaki coloured cotton sherwani’s expected to take the market by force in early 2022. The future of the Khaki design and it’s variants are indeed looking fruitful and blooming with an unyielding potential.


Khaki Pants trend & khaki trendy Jacket: A Rising Rival Against the Classic Denim in The Future

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Khaki apparels are an apt alternative to modern-day denim being a suitable substitute in style, substance and overall aesthetical appeal. While denim shirts, jackets and jeans might dominate in their multipurpose approach and style, Khaki’s are much more favourable on the aspects of comfort and their resonance with almost all climatic conditions.

Khaki pants trend

Jeans can more often than not be sticky and hard after a while preventing them to be used for a long while at a stretch, while the overall ease and comfort of Khaki’s thanks to their softer material makes them better suited than jeans by a long yard. Next time, just think of whether you will be able to sleep in jeans or Khaki pants , with the first being uncomfortable as hell and the latter with its much softer and easier garment, making you sleep like a baby. Think about it ;).

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