10 Hair growth myths and facts you must know about

Encountering hair fall or going bald? Ten hair growth myths and facts you shouldn’t acknowledge

Can washing your hair with cold water forestall or stop hair fall?

Does cutting hair promote hair growth?

Will cutting your hair improve hair growth? Myths like these are typically taken as true and aren’t.

“Myths remains a story unless proven” this phenomenon tends to draw individuals to see from a better view rather than passed down recommendations from generations, and talks of your friends and neighbour, on the trial with the story. For years, people believed in tales of old wives regarding hair growth and hair loss preventions with blaming the mother’s aspect for hair loss to hairlessness stated from hair experts in India.

Down below are the top handpicks just for you to check out about the hair growth myths and facts-

Hair growth myths and facts
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  1. MYTH-Cutting your hair improves hair growth

FACT- Hair may be a dead tissue of our body but cutting your hair doesn’t result in the expansion of your hair, cutting your hair additionally doesn’t imply that it makes your hair stronger, weaker, curlier, or straighter. Although your hair might appear thicker after a haircut however it isn’t, as it is because of the removal of splits ends and add to your volume of hair as it does not improve but assists you to stay hygienic. This is one of the many  myths about hair growth.

2. MYTH- Dandruff causes hair loss

FACT-Researchers have stated that there’s no scientific co-relation between hair loss with dandruff, asides from the very fact of vigorously scratching your head because of dandruff, and as a result, the dry scalp may cause hair to interrupt leading to hair loss thus next time rather than scratching wash your hair instead with medical aid to induce dandruff and not scratching to remove dandruff.

3. MYTH- Hair loss does not affect young women

FACT- It is an amusing story but certainly unreliable as hair loss and dilution can occur as young as a 12-year-old girl! There are several reasons from a hormonal change with damaged hair to ageing being not the sole cause for it as age does not play a role in hair loss.

Hair growth myths and facts

4. MYTH- Stress causes baldness

FACT-This issue makes a person go hair loss for a brief period due to significant and traumatic stress. With researchers stating the fact that stress drop can lead to the growth of hair so it does cause hair loss but does not entirely makes you bald thus people facing this problem should take care to be less stressed unless you want a temporary hair loss.

5. MYTH- Washing your hair in cold water prevent hair loss

FCAT- It does not prevent hair loss as it improves blood circulation. Washing hair in cold water can improve cuticle tightening and frizz protection but not for hair loss; reports have also stated that there’s no link between washing hair in cold water and hairlessness.

6. MYTH- Hair losses come from the mother’s aspect of family

FACT- No, we tend to inherit genes from both sides of the family that plays a task in forming our structure. When it comes right down to biology and different factors within which you may face hair loss then you will have additionally transmitted some elements from your maternal grandpa so the blame goes to both aspects of the family.

7.MYTH- Direct sunlight on the forehead ends up in hair loss

FACT- No, it does not lead to baldness or hair loss as your hair acts as protection from the direct contact of the sun and doesn’t affect your hair follicles.

8. MYTH- Using conditioner causes hair to fall

FCAT- Using a conditioner doesn’t promote hair loss or causes hair fall  however instead, it helps detangling hair to prevent hair fall because of breakage and excessive use could crush the hair but not the expansion of hair.

9. MYTH- Hats causes’ baldness

FACT- Hair follicle doesn’t breathe as they flow in form the air; you’ll be able to wear hats 24/7 or maybe seven days a week without worrying about the fact of losing your hair.


10. MYTH- Hair products cause hair loss

FACT- Products like gel, wax, and hairspray don’t have anything about hair loss. The main cause of it is because of the chemicals employed in creating it, which affects the expansion of your hair slowly resulting in hair fall and later hair loss too. Harsh hair treatment for styling and straightening additionally hair loss

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